Observer Training

Congratulation, you have obtained the coverted IAM Status having passed the IAM Test.  Perhaps you are wondering how you can maintain and improve the standards you have acheived.Why not train as an Observer with MWAM?  You are already well on the way to achieving this next level of skill. You would be trained on how to pass on this knowledge and experience to others who aspire to pass the IAM Test. If you are interested in this challenge please contact our Chief Observer for car or motorcycles who will be able to advise you on the training programme and the commitment involved.

All observers will be externally accredited by the Independent Motor Industries (IMI) organisation and there are two levels of accreditation, National and Local. Local Observers are assessed and qualified by Local Observer Assessors (LOA), either from their own group or a neighbouring group.  National Observers are trained by LOA's but are assessed by an IAM Regional Quality Manager for their final accreditation.  The fees for this accreditation are paid by the IAM and there is no cost to the individual other that those associated with running their own vehicle used for the required demonstration drives/rides.