Advanced Course Content

Each associate member will undergo training in both theory and practical advanced driving over a period of about six to eight weeks, after which the IAM test will be taken. The Advanced Driver or Motorcyclist Course Logbook is supplied by iamRoadSmart when an associate joins and the Highway Code is provided by the group. The Course Logbook will be completed by your observer to record your progress.  It contains course material and self assessment questions which will be expected to study in your own time throughout this period.

We now provide one to one guidance with our accredited observers who will provide on-road guidance and check your understanding of driving/riding theory for the duration of each course.  It is intended that you will be ready to apply the IAM Test and, subject to the IAM allocation of an examiner, you take this in around 8 weeks time from the start of the course.  Rather than the course being left open ended, this will give the associate and observer a target to aim for.  It is envisaged that the observer would carry out a brief question and answer session during, or after, each observed run to check the self study progress of the associate. If the associate has any queries or questions at any other time their observer, or a National Observer, can be contacted to answer questions or to give advice.

When the observer considers that their associate is ready they would arrange for a progress run to be undertaken with a different group observer.  This will allow a fresh mind to point out any problems which may be present and need to be addressed before the IAM test.

When the associate has passed the advanced driving test and becomes a full member, it is hoped that advanced refresher courses will be arranged.   This will allow the member who decides not to advance to observer status, to maintain a high degree of driving skill and to keep up to date with current techniques and ideas. 

Whatever happens the associate will have a better understanding of advanced driving techniques, will be a better driver and be safer road user.