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Drivers who have passed the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) Advanced Driving Test – have a 25% lower accident rate than candidates that fail, and a 50-70% better record than the average driver.  IAM members not only have fewer collisions but those that are involved tend to have less serious ones. (Pass your Advanced Driving Test, Ian Webb, Bay View Books Ltd, Bideford, 1996) Develop your driving/riding skill. You know where the vehicle controls are because someone showed you. Now learn how to use them to gain maximum advantage: by overtaking in places others don’t anticipate, and using the road to shorten your travelling time.  The course lasts approximately 8 weeks. Driving/riding your own vehicle where the observer will either sit next to you (car) or follow (motorcycle).


The Test lasts around 90 minutes, carried out by an IAM examiner, a police trained driver. Expect to travel on a variety of roads; at the end you will know the result. The commonest reason for failing is making insufficient progress – drive like a snail and fail!


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